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A detailed description of your image or video. Where and when was it recorded? Who is in it? What is happening?

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1. I understand that by uploading my content I am granting e.SAT TV (Pty) Ltd (“eNCA”) a worldwide, non-exclusive right to use my content on a permanent basis. The right that I am granting eNCA includes use of my content on all its platforms including television broadcasts, websites and social media platforms. 2. I am aware that eNCA may allow its affiliated companies, for example (Pty) Ltd, to use the content on all of their platforms and I agree to that as well. 3. I understand that I am granting the above rights to eNCA and its affiliates free of charge. 4. I confirm that the content I am uploading belongs to me or that I have obtained the necessary permission from the owner of the content. 5. I confirm that, if the content depicts any private matters, I have obtained permission from every person who is depicted in the content to provide this content to eNCA.

Protection of Personal Information
eNCA is collecting your personal information, i.e. your name, contact details and any personal information depicted in the content that you upload. Your name and contact details are being collected in order to make a record of who the content belongs to, to credit the content correctly and to contact you if necessary. eNCA will not share or disclose your contact details to third parties other than its affiliated companies. eNCA will use reasonable measures to ensure that your personal information remains secure. By uploading the content, you accept that any personal information depicted in the content will become public.